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Self-tiled home

update: 22/10/2014

But also need to measure and determine the distance from this location to the cat wall tiles and corners so that the bricks must be cut at least. So before drawing paper for calculations easier.

Use the table rubbing the mortar plastering the wall, calculated so that each warrant enough for two rows of tiles to prevent dry mortar off bricks before mounting up. Flat serrated knife to evenly cat brick mortar then check uniformity of mortar evenly.


Already a structural specialist surely you've thought about changing problems, repair high-rise structures. I would like to introduce high-tech solutions for today's and also the most modern technology of advanced countries cat tiles applied in construction demolition, repair or structural changes.

Singapore construction industry modernization, ahead of Vietnam more than 30 years. most of the drilling company that specializes in concrete cutting owns one diamond wire cutting parallel to the drill, a traditional blade

Company you can enter the diamond wire cutter to serve a large number of cat brick works in progress requiring each difficulty level. Physicians who wish to learn the Alo children. I would advise free of cost as well as construction techniques


When the place is not fit to the size of a brick, you need accurate measurements to cut tile tile cutter so that the gap between the bricks are always equal. Use a professional knife and ruler can be rotated to different angles for easier manipulation.

The plastic base has the effect of preventing the bricks slide down. Also based plastics division also works gaps between the bricks are uneven, making the wall more beautiful.

In order to be beautiful layer of white cement should dry overnight before tile mastic. Using a rubber tile cutter knife to spread the mixture into the gaps between the tiles. If there are large gaps, for example in the bottom row is added to the sand to increase hardness and prevent breakage.