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Those choosing tiles for more beautiful homes

update: 22/10/2014

Before choosing tile, you should pay attention to the overall color of the house. Compare wall color and furniture piece with tiles of your choice. The color of the floor must be in harmony with the decoration and interior design highlights apartment to house style.

The dimly lit room backdrop for brightly colored tiles, patterned motifs at the most reasonable choice.

With the dim room, should use light colored tiles and a less ornate or simple patterns and elegant, not to large sized tiles as they will make the room smaller. What kind pattern and colors are not clear in this case often causes eyestrain and makes space becomes darker.

Tiles should be pale yellow, pale blue or cream, bring to a sense of calm and warm.

Generally, the safest choice is to choose a type of tiles for the entire house, but you can also rely on functions used, the size of each room to slice the different types of tiles. Bedroom area is usually not large, there are many things to so limit the types of brick paving pattern. If you want a little way out, maybe tiled diagonally instead of rectangular paving the way in the shape of the room.

For the living room, you can slice the dimensions of bricks, can be combined contrasting colors or dark so harmonious.

Tiled bedroom so simple, not too bright, not too picky, but the living room is where you can fully show that. In addition, you can create patterns of brick edging, creating arrays of bricks hit the same material or with wood, ceramic.

Dining avoid paving bricks are darker and contrast.

Pale colors often create a feeling of peace and good appetite. Yellow-brown, brown land if further combined with yellow walls will create an ideal dining room and extra closeness to family members.

Bathroom tiles can choose high roughness.

Specifically, you need to pay attention to the bathroom. This is not likely to cause long wet and slippery so only in accordance with the bricks have high roughness. Material used is granite or granite author. Bathroom wall tiles can choose the smooth, shiny and patterned to create a pleasant and romantic to relaxing this room.

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