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VN apartments honored American Journal of nothing beautiful

update: 22/10/2014

Located in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam, apartments colorful charm is the result of a "reform" in the design of Landmak, who was honored on ArchDaily Architecture Magazine American reputation .

83m 2 house located on the 11th floor of an apartment Nam Trung Yen resettlement, including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open kitchen area, dining room and balcony. Modern design, spacious and comfortable, consistent with the life of a young family.

Color is an important element in the overall design scheme. The fresh colors of yellow, green and orange accents created in space, and a strong contrast with the white walls. Most of the features in space and high aesthetic ceramic tiles with classical motifs are used as a decorative material throughout, bringing vivid and surprising effects house space .

Besides, the large yellow lamps with wood legs are fitted on the wall. Apartment use in combination with white light from the balcony, windows that flood the space natural light and bright. In addition, the decorative vase made ​​art more lovely apartment more.

Invite you to watch the house image: